Mommy & Me Bonnet Set

Mommy & Me Bonnet Set

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Shop our best selling satin bonnets for Mommy & her Mini Me! 

These Satin Bonnets are reversible and come with the adjustable feature for a secure fit to your head and ensures that it will NOT fall off your head. While still giving the classic bonnet look we all know and love! Protect your hair at night (or day, we don’t judge), and put it up again some of the softest fabric that will ensure no snagging on your hair and keep in the moisture you’ve placed in your hair. Oh, and they’re cute too! 

The size is based on the capacity of the bonnet, not the size of your head as the bonnet is adjustable.

For adults, they are offered in two sizes:

12'- Small to Medium amount of hair, mid back hair length is able to fit.

14"- Medium to Large amount of hair, waist length hair, or longer is able to fit. 

For kids, they are offered in three sizes:

Baby: Ages 0-1

Toddler: Ages 2-4

Child: Ages 5-8

If your child's hair is shoulder length or longer, I suggest sizing up! 

For babies, adjustable bonnets will not be available.

For toddlers and children, they will be adjustable.